Find your shipping destination from the list of countries below to check delivery rates and times (tax included in price).

Delivery time & shipping rates

The following delivery times and rates apply for the listed countries. The shipping cost is fixed for location despite amount of ordered goods so if you order more you only pay once. Prices include Vat Tax.


Czech RepublicFree shipping2-4 daysDHL Parcel
GermanyFree shipping2-4 daysDHL Parcel
SlovakiaFree shipping2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Austria5,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Belgium5,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Denmark5,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Estonia5,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Finland5,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
France9,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Italy9,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Latvia9,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Lithuania9,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Luxembourg9,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Monaco9,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Netherlands5,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Slovenia5,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
Sweden9,90 EUR2-4 daysDHL Parcel
United Kingdom9,90 EUR / £8,902-4 daysDHL Parcel
Bulgaria9,90 EUR3-7 daysPostal Parcel
Cyprus9,90 EUR3-7 daysGlobal Expres
Hungary5,90 EUR3-7 daysDHL Parcel
Iceland9,90 EUR3-7 daysGlobal Expres
Ireland9,90 EUR3-7 daysGlobal Expres
Malta9,90 EUR3-7 daysGlobal Expres
Norway5,90 EUR3-7 daysGlobal Expres
Portugal9,90 EUR3-7 daysDHL Parcel
Romania9,90 EUR3-7 daysDHL Parcel
Spain5,90 EUR3-7 daysDHL Parcel
Switzerland9,90 EUR3-7 daysGlobal Expres
Croatia9,90 EUR7-9 daysGlobal Expres
Greece9,90 EUR8-10 daysGlobal Expres
Serbia9,90 EUR10-12 daysGlobal Expres
Turkey9,90 EUR10-12 daysGlobal Expres


Hong Kong9,90 EUR8-10 daysGlobal Expres
Israel9,90 EUR8-10 daysGlobal Expres
South Korea9,90 EUR8-10 daysGlobal Expres
Malaysia9,90 EUR8-10 daysGlobal Expres
Singapore9,90 EUR8-10 daysGlobal Expres
Brazil9,90 EUR12-14 daysGlobal Expres
Japan9,90 EUR12-14 daysGlobal Expres
Canada9,90 EUR12-14 daysGlobal Expres
Thailand9,90 EUR12-14 daysGlobal Expres
USA9,90 EUR12-14 daysGlobal Expres
Australia9,90 EUR21 daysGlobal Expres
New Zealand9,90 EUR21 daysGlobal Expres